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My stepbrother. My biggest tormentor. My enemy.

He is fire and brimstone. A monster whose sole purpose is to torment me, to break me into a million pieces.

Gabriel “Trigger” Triggiani.

When I finally come home after being forced away years ago, I make a promise that could end me.

Trigger’s response to me being back will determine my survival. Judging by the look in his eyes, he wants to bury me beneath all the ugly secrets we share.

But this time, I won’t go down without a fight.

Unfortunately, Trigger doesn’t play fair. His brand of love hurts.

It can’t be cured.

His love is a punishment.

And I’ve been a very bad girl.

Trigger is a dark college bully romance. This is a placeholder date. Date to be moved forward.

Trigger Warnings

Non-con, dub-con, pregnancy, pregnancy loss, step-sibling relationship, violence, emotional, physical, mental abuse, assault, slut shaming, addiction, drug use and abuse, overdose, alcohol use and abuse, on-page sex, forced voyeurism, sharing FMC with friends/reverse harem/why choose elements, coercion, depression, suicidal ideation/attempts, panic attacks, anxiety, murder/attempted murder, gun violence, somnophilia, stalking, profanity, PTSD, self-harm, sexual abuse from outside sources, branding/forced tattoos, heavy bullying, cheating, needles, sexual harassment, torture, nightmares, scars, explicit sexual content, sodomy, masturbation, self-mutilation, graphic violence, drugging someone against their will, kidnapping, knife play, blood play, breath play, use of restraints.

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