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The Everlasting Chronicles


Dying didn’t mean I was dead. It meant I’d been chosen.

My name is Everly, and I'm haunted by the dead. Or maybe hunted is a better word since it seems the dead want to make me one of them. My only ally is Shadow, the dark entity who’s been by my side protecting me since I was a child. 

A night of bad decisions sends me careening down a road with no return. Dying wasn’t part of the plan. With a single touch from Shadow, both my life and death change. He’s chosen me. But for what? 

I’m either going crazy, or my new reality is a world of nightmares. One thing is certain, no matter how bad it gets, I cannot die. He won’t let me.


Dead Silence is book one in The Everlasting Chronicles. Reader Discretion advised due to dark subject matter.

Dead Silence

Shadow Song

We've never spoken, but she knows me. And I know her.

I'm Shadow, and I'm a bit of a big deal in my world, the world of Specials. It's been five years since I've seen Everly, the girl I've been drawn to defend since we were kids. She thinks I'm a shadow, her protector. And I am. But I'm more. So is she. Destiny dictates we belong together, but part of me hates her, blames her for what happened last time I saved her. Torn between what I want and what I need, I fight to keep her alive. No matter what happens, one thing's for sure. She'll never know who I am. She can't. If she does, it could mean the end for her. For me. For everyone.

Shadow Song is book two in The Everlasting Chronicles. Reader Discretion advised due to dark subject matter.


Grave Secrets


Two worlds colliding could only spell disaster.


Shadow, my protector, is gone, and my heart aches. Thankfully, I’m supposed to be safe at Dementon, an academy of magic. But there are new dangers here. The biggest being Raiden Hawthorne, the moody Conexus general. Something about him calls to me. When he saves me, I find it harder to resist him. Before I can listen to my heart, I need answers to the questions he keeps dodging. 

But the only one willing to provide any answers is Nevron, a vampire and Raiden’s enemy. Now I have to choose: join Nevron and become an enemy of the man I’m falling in love with or embrace the darkness to find out the truth of who I am.


Having her close was supposed to make things easier. Instead, she’s befriending my enemies. I’m trying to keep my distance. I’m trying to stop loving the girl who could end our world. She wants answers that I can’t give her without risking her safety. If she ever finds out the truth, she’ll hate me. I’ve only done what I had to in order to protect what belongs to me.

We both have our secrets. I just hope mine won’t get her killed.

Grave Secrets is book three in The Everlasting Chronicles. Due to dark content, reader discretion advised.

Soul Bound


Being one of the bad guys wasn’t part of the plan.

If someone would have asked me months before if I’d join up with a rebel group trying to overthrow a magical government, I’d have laughed in their face. 

Now, I’m neck-deep in a secret world, doing all the things I’d have laughed at. My heart still aches for General Raiden Hawthorne, the man I’d fallen for, but I had to move on. He’s my sworn enemy now. 

Raiden’s not ready to let go yet, though. He’s made a decision that could ruin us both, and now his devastating secret is out. 

There’s nowhere left for me to run except straight into the arms of my enemy. Am I ready to fulfill a destiny I didn’t want or will the man I love end me for good?

Soul Bound is book four in The Everlasting Chronicles. Due to mature content, reader discretion is advised.

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