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Black Falls High

In Ruins


He was my best friend before he was my enemy.

I’m a nobody at Black Falls High. 

Being forced to my knees by the school’s mean queen in front of the student body changed that.

Now, I’m back on my former best friend’s radar. 

And this time, he has his new crew and “no” isn’t part of their vocabulary. 

When one of them discovers my secret, I’m at their mercy to keep it hidden.

They own me. 

And my former best friend has made it his mission to ruin me. 

But not if I ruin him first.

In Ruins is a mature reverse harem high school bully romance with adult content. All characters are eighteen. Reader Discretion advised. 

In Silence



We’re all playing a dangerous game. One where there are no winners. Only survivors.


I’m in love with my enemies, but obviously, they don’t feel the same way. 


When their lies and betrayal surface, I have no choice but to leave.


They’ve broken my heart, but not my spirit. 


They think they’ve won. They think they’ve ruined me.


The only thing they’ve done is made me stronger.


With new threats coming in from all sides, I have to silence my enemies. Joining forces with those who wanted to ruin me isn’t easy, but neither am I, despite their best efforts.


I’m right back where I started. On my knees. But this time, it’s for a different reason. 


This time, I’m playing to win. This time, they need my silence if they’re going to survive.


In Silence is a #whychoose romance. Due to dark content, this book is recommended for eighteen and older.


In Pieces


Nothing says I love you like murder.

Seeing their lifeless bodies nearly killed us. Knowing some monster harmed those we loved created a whole new set of worries. In the wake of all the madness, we need to stay focused. 

With revenge warranted, we must bide our time. Good things come to those who wait, after all.

If there’s one thing we’re known for, it’s picking up the pieces and building something new. And this time, we’ll be unstoppable.

In Pieces is a Black Falls High novella told exclusively from Fox, Cole, Enzo, and Ethan’s POV. It takes place between In Silence and In Chaos and chronicles the aftermath of In Silence. The Black Falls High series is a dark bully romance with multiple love interests. Why choose when Rosalie can have them all? 

Heavy trigger warning.

In Chaos



Some things are better left unsaid. Others demand chaos. Good thing I excel at both.

Everything fell apart before we were able to pull ourselves together. 

When tragedy demands my silence, I have no choice but to give it because losing a life also means saving so many more.

I finally have everything I want. Having my best friend back is a dream come true. But everything at Black Falls High comes at a price, and these boys are mine. I’d do anything for them.

Even in ruins. In silence. I’ll bring the chaos.

In Chaos is book three in The Black Falls High series, a #whychoose dark bully romance with multiple love interests. Due to dark subject matter, reader discretion is advised.

Trigger Warnings

Dub con, physical, mental, emotional, sexual abuse, blackmail, violence, murder, drug use and abuse, depression, pregnancy, pregnancy loss, other woman drama, gray area cheating, domestic abuse, self-harm, on page sex, group scenes, alcohol use.

Mayfair University


Possessive. Violent. Perfect. Mine.

After our time at Black Falls High, we moved to Mayfair, the college of my dreams. With my singing career taking shape, Fox’s football career off and running, Ethan’s photography, and Enzo and Cole’s. . .well, whatever secret things they do happening, life seemed good.


Too good.

If there’s one thing I know about my life it’s that nothing good ever lasts. When our pasts come back to haunt us, and with new enemies on the horizon, we either strengthen our bond or get buried beneath the secrets and lies.

Knowing my guys, we will fight. And. We. Will. Rise.

We Will Rise is the tale of Rosalie and her four guys from Black Falls High in a new setting—college. New threats. New secrets. New school. Trigger warning for dark content.

May We Rise

As We Fight

Blood. Sweat. And definitely tears.

Life took a drastic turn the night our enemies attacked.

It changed everything, including our relationships with one another.

With a new arrangement in place, I’m fighting hard to keep my head above water as I drown in the madness surrounding us.

I’m supposed to be living my dreams, not trying to survive through these new nightmares.

We’ve always been survivors.

But love and war have casualties.

And this time, it just might be the ones I love.

As We Fight is book two in the Mayfair college series featuring the horsemen and Rosalie. This is a dark college romance with multiple love interests. Check author’s website for more information. This book is multi-POVs.


When We Fall


Sometimes being IN means you’re OUT.

My horsemen. My heroes. My lovers.

We were destined for forever.

That was until we suffered a major loss that sent us careening into opposite directions with broken hearts.

Now on the cusp of everything I’ve always dreamed of, I’m teetering. I’m terrified. I’m. . . without.

With my choice taken from me, I’m left to face a harsh new reality. One that may not include what’s left of my horsemen. 

Some hearts cannot mend. They can only harden and grow cold. And when we fall, we shatter.

When We Fall is the final book in the Mayfair University duet, a multi-POV series that follows Rosie and her horsemen from Black Falls High. Prepare for war and mind this trigger warning. This tale is dark and terrifying. This is what falling feels like. Hang. On. Tight.

Trigger Warnings

Dub con, violence, emotional and mental abuse, murder, death of characters, gang violence, mafia violence, emotional cheating, drug use and abuse, other woman drama, other man drama, abandonment, cliffhanger, overdose, depression/mental illness, breath play, knife play, somnophilia, physical violence, on page sex, group scenes, alcohol use, arranged marriage.


Double Dare You

One night. One dare. Double the trouble.

My name is Jamie, and I’m a good girl. I’ve always stuck to the rules and have always gotten hurt. Spencer Callaghan, the guy I fell for at Black Falls High, was my safety net until I took the plunge and he wasn’t there to catch me.

Now, in my third year of college, I finally have my life together. I’m focused. I’m planning for my future.

Until Spencer breezes back into my life with his playful smile and teasing looks. Until he brings someone with him I never expected. Until they double dare me to have the night of my life. 

But these boys are trouble. And sin always follows trouble.

I’m a good girl. And good girls don’t play with bad boys. 

Well, they didn’t until now.

Double Dare You is a two guys and one girl romance. It’s a spinoff novel to the Black Falls High series. Trigger warning for adult situations. Reader discretion advised.

Trigger Warnings

Male/Male relationship, violence, threesome, on-page sex, group scenes, drug use, alcohol use, depression, somnophilia, dub con.

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