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Oakwood High

The Playbook

The rumors are plenty, and the video is real.


Making girls swoon and winning games is what I’m good at. When my rival bets me to get the school nerd to fall in love with me, I accept the challenge. After all, I never lose.

I just didn’t count on falling for her instead. 

She’s everything I didn’t expect. Sassy. Beautiful. Challenging. And she plays drums like a rock star. I can’t let her go now that I have her. My heart won’t let me.

The only problem? There’s a video out there that could ruin it all. 

The truth always comes back to bite you. Too bad I’m learning it too late.


Staying invisible and wearing hoodies is my game. I’m a master at being a nobody. I’m fine with that. In fact, I celebrate my anonymity every Saturday night with scary movies and my own band of outcasts.

When I land on Mr. Popular’s radar, I find myself in the center of the very place I’ve never wanted to be part of: the world of the court. The elite of our school.

And the king has his baby blue eyes set on me.

The only problem? Sometimes the truth hurts. Too bad I’m about to find out how much.

The Playbook is a standalone high school romance. Trigger warning for adult situations and bullying.

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