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Emissary of the Devil

Testimony of the Damned


The fate of the world hinges on an ambitious demon and the one woman he can't resist. 

For hundreds of years, Brax has worked his way up the demonic ranks to become a crowned prince of Hell. Now, with only one final task left in his quest, the crown is within reach. When he's assigned to corrupt and collect the soul of seventeen-year-old beauty Maggie Westbrook, he's sure victory is his. But Fate has other plans.

Maggie is no ordinary woman. Part angel, she possesses a pure soul, one which is the key to starting the apocalypse. . . And to stealing Brax's heart. As irresistible passion flares between them, Brax is caught between his duty and his desire. And with another demon determined to take Maggie's soul, Brax must decide both their fates—fulfill his destiny and take the crown or risk everything to save the girl.

Trigger warning: Testimony of the Damned is a dark tale containing scenarios that may cause discomfort. Reader discretion advised. Contains cliffhanger.

Testimony of the Blessed

Sometimes being blessed is a curse.

Maggie is perfection in the eyes of everyone who knows her. What they don’t know is she has a dark secret which is destroying her. 

When the enigmatic Brax Shepherd enters her life, Maggie knows something is different about the handsome stranger. She’s drawn to him in a way that makes her feel alive again. 

Armed with only her faith and unwavering love for Brax, Maggie must decide if she can accept the ugly truths about the demon she’s falling for or if she should run from everything that’s hunting her. And if Brax learns her secrets, what will it mean for them?

Some secrets can make or break you. Hers could do both.

Trigger Warning: Testimony of the Blessed is a dark tale involving abuse in many ugly forms. If these subjects cause you unease, please proceed with caution. This is told exclusively from Maggie’s side.


Gospel of the Fallen


He never wanted to be a hero.

Falling in love with an angel wasn’t part of the demon Brax Shepherd’s plan. When Brax was carted back to hell to be dealt with after tragedy struck, he only had one thing on his mind: storm heaven’s gates and take back what belonged to him. 

With demons surging the Middle Kingdom in vast numbers, it’s kill or be killed, and Brax isn’t about to go back to hell after escaping. The only problem is, he’ll have to join the side he’s been waging war against for centuries.

One thing is certain, if Brax thought making a deal with the devil was bad, it’s nothing compared to the deal he made with heaven. 

Trigger warning: Gospel of the Fallen is a paranormal romance with dark themes. Proceed with caution. This is book three in the Emissary of the Devil series.

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