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Kings of Bolten

Dirty Little Secrets

Ruthless. Cunning. Gorgeous. Killers.

They are the Kings of Bolten, an elite academy I have no business being in. My desire to remain invisible is dashed when I find myself bound to one of their enemies.

Now, there’s no escape.

With me in the crosshairs in a war between Kings and Lords at Bolten, will I be another victim or will the Kings spare me on the condition I belong to them?

One thing is certain. I have a few dirty little secrets. Maybe I’m not the good girl everyone thought. 

Maybe I’m meant to be queen. Maybe… I’m meant to rule.

Dirty Little Secrets is a mature mafia academy romance with three sinful Kings of Bolten. Contains dark content and scenarios. Reader discretion advised.


Pretty Little Sins

Merciless. Wicked. Treacherous. Sinners.

Waking up tied to a bed wasn’t how I envisioned my morning going. In fact, after the Kings found out my dirty little secret, I should be dead.

But if there’s an opportunity to play dangerous games, best believe the Kings are the first to call the shots.

They’ve crossed a line with me, and the Lords are ready to retaliate.

This isn’t just a war between the two sides anymore, and I’m not just a nobody now. I’m a queen who will stop at nothing to protect what belongs to me.

This is a game of survival, and I’ve never been so ready to play.

Pretty Little Sins is a mature academy dark romance with multiple male love interests and MM action. Trigger warning for dark content. This is book two in the Kings of Bolten. 


Deadly Little Promises

Vindictive. Savage. Deadly. Villains.

The horsemen made a move and took me from my kingdom.

There’s one thing they didn’t expect though.

The truth.

With an alliance formed and our world thrown into war, we either choose sides or die for those we love.

There are rules to warfare but rules are meant to be broken and so are kings.

Our enemies know it. And I’ll be the one they use to prove it.

Deadly Little Promises is book three in the Kings of Bolten series and is a dark mafia academy romance with four kings and their queen. If you take issue with dark romance, this book is not for you. You’ve been warned.

Perfect Little Revenge

Desperate. Broken. Unhinged. Vengeful.

I’m dead to them.

I was buried in a forest, never to be thought of again.

Or so I thought.

Being stuck in this nightmare, I’m desperate to break free.

My whole life seems to be a prison, and with my kings gone, I have a new warden.

And this warden is now the kings biggest enemy.

If I’ve learned anything from my new life it’s that you can run, but you can’t hide, especially from your past.

When the lies and secrets come out, I take matters into my own hands.

This queen knows how to rise from the ashes and rule.

This time, I’m bringing a few new friends with me and my own brand of revenge.

Perfect Little Revenge is book four in the Kings of Bolten series. Please visit author’s website for additional information. This is a dark bully romance with no choosing. Once you meet the kings, you’ll know why. Contains MM.


Coming Soon! Check this spot for more information.


Savage Little Queen

Trigger Warnings

These progress as the story moves through each book.

Arranged marriage, group scenes, drug use, alcohol use, physical, emotional, mental, sexual abuse, non con, dub con, forced breeding, kidnapping, male/male scenes, gang/mafia violence, murder/death, knife play, breath play, rough on-page sex, what some may consider cheating, drugging, collaring, choking, massive plot twists, pregnancy, PTSD, suicidal ideation/suicide attempts, brainwashing, depression, self-harm, famine/starvation, fire, attempted murder, betrayal, blood, gun violence, nightmares/night terrors, divorce, emesis, hostage situations, murder, sexually explicit scenes, stalking, needles, drugging, trafficking, gore

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