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Boys of Chapel Crest


The last time I spoke was eight years ago when my best friend tried to kill me. I never dreamed my silence would break with a scream. 

Being sent to Chapel Crest after my new stepfather deemed me a heathen seemed like a blessing compared to staying with him and my mom. I was a mute demon in his eyes, and when the rod didn’t beat the evil out of me, he prayed Chapel Crest could. 

I envisioned the religious academy would become my sanctuary. I was wrong. So very wrong. Chapel Crest is an asylum moonlighting as a religious school. It's where the meds take out the demons in your head or the punishments from the staff do.

If the school and its rules didn’t break me, Dante Church and his cult of bullies would. 

They called themselves the Watchers. They were dark and ruthless—everything a girl like me should avoid. But maybe something was wrong with me because the thought of being on my knees for the four devils appeals to me. 

Even if it meant I was praying for survival. 

Going to Church took on a whole new meaning at Chapel Crest. 

Church is book one of The Boys of Chapel Crest. It’s a dark bully romance with four guys chasing one girl. There is no choosing. Only begging. And lots of praying. Reader discretion advised due to dark content. PLEASE MIND YOUR TRIGGERS AND TAKE THE WARNING SERIOUSLY.




Chapel Crest isn't for the weak. It's for those who wish to watch the world reduced to ashes and screams. 

The Watchers went too far. Locking me up with the monster who tried to kill me eight years ago wasn't the way to win my heart. It was the way to break it. 

When Seth comes to collect on the bet he made with the Watchers, I know I'm in for a world of hurt. 

Because Seth Cain isn't the nice boy I once knew. He's a demon in this asylum from hell. 

And if he finds out the Watchers have already claimed me, he could very well finish what he started all those years ago.

To make matters worse, I'm the target of more than just the cruelty of the Watchers and Seth. There are worse things lurking in the dark at Chapel Crest, and I don't know if I can overcome all of it.

None of this is about my sanity. It's about my survival. 

Ashes is a dark asylum academy romance with multiple love interests and a girl who will never choose. Everyone is a little crazy at Chapel Crest. Release date TBA. 



Before I found a love I was willing to die for, I had to survive one I had to kill for.


 Chapel Crest wasn’t a place of solace. It was made for suffering. 

 I would know. 

 I’d been locked inside ever since my mother tossed me away like I didn't matter. 

In my suffering though, I found her.


 The girl who made me believe I mattered. 

The girl I gave everything to. 

 The girl I loved. 

The girl I would do anything for, even kill for. 

Or just plain kill. 

Because you don’t betray a watcher and live to tell about it.


This is the prequel to Chapel Crest and tells the tale of Sin and Isabella through multiple POVs before Sirena. This is a dark tale of greed, deception, and all things that hurt. Please read the foreword. 

Coming Soon

Coming Soon. Watch this spot for more information.



Trigger Warnings

Dub con, non con, bullying, violence, knife play, breath play, nyctophobia, somnophilia, acrophobia, fits of mania, psychopathy, sociopathy, depression, bi-polar disorders, physical, mental, sexual and emotional abuse, body modifications, captivity and confinement, buried alive, dead bodies and their parts, animal death (forest animals), dysphoria, drug use and abuse, eating disorders, hallucinations and delusions, homomisia (father to son), kidnapping, medical experimentation, murder/attempted murder, mutilation, needles, selective mutism, aphasia, TBI, nightmares, obsessive compulsive disorder, overdose, panic/anxiety attacks, PTSD, psychiatric hospitalizations, detainment, religion, scars, schizophrenia, murder, seizures, self-harm, sleep disorders, slut shaming, stalking, obsession, suicidal ideation/attempts, dissociative identity disorder, borderline personality disorder, narcissism, verbal abuse, victim blaming, whipping/flogging, group scenes, on-page sex, cannibalism, masturbation, abortion, child death, torture/electro-shock therapy, blackmail.

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