The Middle Road


Sometimes it takes dying to remember to live. 


I've always had it all--notoriety, fortune, any woman I want. Yet, I've never lived. Wanting to make my last days count, I set out on a cross-country trip. The last thing I expect to find is the woman of my dreams. 

I've always been the love 'em and leave 'em type. Not this time. How do I tell the woman I love that our future isn't a guarantee without ruining what's left of our final days?


Music is my life. Holed up in some small apartment in Nashville with a man who keeps playing me like a guitar isn't how my life is supposed to be.


In my darkest hour, an angel arrives to save me. He promises to take me anywhere I want to go. I never expected love to be a stop on the map. But something isn't right. He's keeping secrets. Will those secrets mean the end of the road for us?

The Middle Road is a full-length, standalone, medical romance novel that’ll take hold of your heartstrings and not let go. If romances that make you cry are your thing, grab this romantic adventure today for the ride of your life.

Seven Minutes in Heaven


You never know what you had until it’s gone.

Trevor Valentine had it all ten years ago. Then she ran, leaving him to find love elsewhere, but the only thing he’s ever found since was heartache. When approached for help with a new promotion for Single Status, a website geared toward being single, reluctantly Trevor signs up. A week in a mountain retreat might be just what he needs to get over his latest breakup. A blast from the past when he walked in the door was the last thing he expected.

Unlucky in love.

Sasha Hart is down on her luck. With her dreams gone up in smoke, literally, she agrees to her best friend’s plan to sign her up for the new promotion from Single Status. The promotion promises she’ll be paired with her perfect match. Instead, Trevor Valentine swaggers in, all smiles and sweet talk. Ten years ago, they spent seven minutes in heaven locked in a closet that led to years in hell.

Can they meet in the middle to rekindle what they felt all those years ago or will history repeat itself? One thing’s for sure, Trevor never forgot about Sasha, and this time he’s willing to walk through hell to reclaim his heaven.

A Night in November



I’ve loved her since we were kids.


November Mathis was everything I ever wanted growing up. I was nothing but a face in the crowd to her though. Just when I thought I might stand a chance, she proved to me exactly who she was.


She deserves to be punished for what she did to me. I’m not that lovestruck teenager anymore. I have almost everything I’ve ever wanted. Everything except my revenge on the raven-haired beauty who tried to ruin my life.


When presented with the opportunity to tear her life to pieces, I jump at it. After all, I owe her. And if there’s one thing I do, it’s pay my debts.




He didn’t think I knew who he was. Truth is, I’ll never forget him.


Troy Night. The quiet guy. The guy my friends in high school terrorized. He needed me one night, and I failed him.


When I’m left with nowhere to run after my life gets turned upside down, it’s Troy who comes to my rescue. He’s not the quiet, scared boy anymore. This Troy is cold, dark. . . dominant.


He has a lesson to teach me. I’ve begged for a chance to apologize to him for years. Now, he has me on my knees begging for something else entirely.


I should have stayed away, but I’m learning I’m a sucker for punishment.


A Night in November is a dark romance with adult themes. Reader discretion advised.

Coming Soon!

Hard Pass

An Enemies to Lovers Romance

Two childhood rivals. A weekend in Vegas. And a challenge that changes everything.



Travis Owens has been a pain since he tugged my ponytail and challenged me to our first dare when we were eight years old. Time hasn’t changed a thing in regards to the hotter-than-fire football hero, except the game we play with one another now has higher stakes. 


A weekend in Vegas and a fake marriage assignment ensures nothing will ever be the same between us. Because I think I’m falling for my enemy, and the ring on my finger says he’s already won.



Lexy Hale is every guy’s wet dream, but she’s off-limits since she’s my best friend’s twin sister. I’ve spent our entire childhood challenging her to dares, hoping to one day beat her. 

But she never backs down. 

This time, I have a plan that will ensure I’ll win. A drunken night in Vegas and a fake marriage assignment are all I need to set this plan in motion. Except I didn’t plan on falling for her.

She thinks I’m just a jock with too many notches in my bedpost. Now, I need to prove her wrong because everything I’ve ever wanted is at stake. Getting her to marry me is the easy part. Trying to keep her is the real challenge.

Hard Pass is a standalone enemies to lovers college football romance. Guaranteed HEA. Contains mature content.