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Rayton University

Hard Pass

Two childhood rivals. A weekend in Vegas. And a challenge that changes everything.



Travis Owens has been a pain since he tugged my ponytail and challenged me to our first dare when we were eight years old. Time hasn’t changed a thing in regards to the hotter-than-fire football hero, except the game we play with one another now has higher stakes. 


A weekend in Vegas and a fake marriage assignment ensures nothing will ever be the same between us. Because I think I’m falling for my enemy, and the ring on my finger says he’s already won.



Lexy Hale is every guy’s wet dream, but she’s off-limits since she’s my best friend’s twin sister. I’ve spent our entire childhood challenging her to dares, hoping to one day beat her. 

But she never backs down. 

This time, I have a plan that will ensure I’ll win. A drunken night in Vegas and a fake marriage assignment are all I need to set this plan in motion. Except I didn’t plan on falling for her.

She thinks I’m just a jock with too many notches in my bedpost. Now, I need to prove her wrong because everything I’ve ever wanted is at stake. Getting her to marry me is the easy part. Trying to keep her is the real challenge.

Hard Pass is a standalone enemies to lovers college football romance. Guaranteed HEA. Contains mature content.


Catching Feels


It was only supposed to be one night, not forever.


Alex is a player on and off the field. The football hero has hooked up with countless women, and I vow not to become one . . . Until I am. One night of passion is all it takes to catch me.

I don’t want to let him go, but when his past comes back to haunt him, I have to choose—say goodbye or embrace the unknown.

I’ve been burned before, and Alex is fire. If things go south, I’ll lose my best friend and the man I love. 

But choices must be made, even if they wind up hurting the people I love.



Ava is my twin sister’s best friend, so she’s off limits. I’ve watched her date losers, all while biting my tongue.

One drunken night at a frat party puts me under her spell. And gets her under me. That should’ve been the end of it. Hit it and quit it has always been my M.O.

But the funny thing is, I don’t want out. We promised only one night, but I think I want her forever.

They say I have the hottest hands in college football. But I didn’t realize catching feelings would be so hard. I don’t lose. But this time, everything I never knew I wanted is at stake, and I’m fumbling. Hard.

Catching Feels is a standalone friends to lovers college football romance in the Rayton University series. Reader discretion advised due to language and adult situations.

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