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Acadia Prep

Barely Breathing

Asha Blake is Hell in pink designer heels, and I’m just the guy she dumped her lunch on.

I hate her. She’s been my tormentor for as long as I can remember. If it’s not her long legs and wicked smile getting me hot and bothered, it’s her bullying and cruel intentions.

When we’re paired on a class project, I swear it’s going to be my worst nightmare.

I’m not wrong.

The Asha Blake I thought I knew is nothing compared to the girl sitting on my bed, divulging secrets so painful and sick, that I find myself fighting for her instead of against her.

But when it comes to the Queen of Mean, once you’re in her inner circle there’s no way out.

I’m in too deep. Graveyard deep. And she’s about to bury me.

Barely Breathing is a dark high school bully romance with a female bully. It is a standalone novel. There are situations that may pose a trigger to some. Read and heed the trigger warning at the beginning of the book for further details.


Barely Alive

Being forced to my knees in front of the student body is the least of my troubles.

When my best friend fell for the girl of his dreams, I made a mistake and didn’t support him. I took my anger and feelings out on the wrong people. 

Now, with our two high school cliques united, the scholarship kids rub elbows with the elite.

Except I still don’t belong in their ranks.

The Acadia Prep male elite know it.

And they haven’t forgotten what I did to them when I let all their secrets out. 

I have to pay the price for my mistake, and those boys have come to collect, elite style.

Barely Alive is a dark bully romance with three males and one female. Trigger warning for violence, darkness, and adult situations. This book should be read AFTER Barely Breathing to get the full experience. This book is a standalone.

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