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The Chronicles of Winterset


A lost princess. A smirking heartthrob. A dangerous secret.

Being a senior in high school should mean having fun and making memories. Instead, Ana is stuck battling strange visions and trying not to burst into flames. Oh, and bickering with Calix, the hot new guy, who has made it his mission to get under her skin.

When a night out ends with shadowy creatures attacking Ana, and Calix stepping in to save her life, Ana realizes Calix is more than he seems.

He may hold all the answers she’s been looking for. But they come at a price. A deadly price.

Is Ana willing to pay it?

Oracle is a paranormal romance and is book one in The Chronicles of Winterset. Contains mature content.




Falling in love was easy. Convincing her heart it's better to let him go and leave him dead that's the problem.


With Calix’s devastating passing, Ana has returned to Winterset and is faced with her very real destiny: trying to save the world from Zaros, the evil madman who controlled Calix and turned him into Mortae


Assigned to be trained by Tarek, a captain in the king’s army, Ana struggles with her new life and the grief losing Calix brings. Tarek doesn’t make it better with all his snapping and sarcasm either. Despite everything surrounding Ana, one thing is clear: She is drawn to the handsome fae captain, finding him familiar in ways he shouldn’t be, but he refuses to give her answers.


When Calix starts haunting Ana’s dreams, she thinks nothing of it. It’s grief. There’s no way her dead boyfriend is back for her. But then Zaros strikes, tearing apart everything Ana built for herself. Zaros's attack brings more horror than Ana ever thought possible.

And once more, she’s drawn to Tarek. He makes a revelation which changes everything. In Winterset, no one is who they seem, and those closest to her harbor the darkest secrets. With the return of the Mortae looming, who can Ana trust?

Can Ana find the strength to save a world on the brink of doom or will Tarek be the answer to her prayers?


Tempest is book two in The Chronicles of Winterset, a steamy paranormal fae romance. Due to some dark content, reader discretion is advised.

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