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The Dreamweaver Saga

Wicked Dreams


Being the Devil’s most trusted guard, Donovan Weaver had two tasks: 1) Guard Olivia, future Queen of the Underworld, and 2) Never touch her.

He failed on both accounts.


I fell in love with the right girl at the wrong time. After the Devil found out what I’d done, he cursed me to a life of being an incubus and stealing women’s souls through their dreams. He knew touching another woman would be torture for me and was kind enough to bestow the curse of it for eternity.

But then, I see her in a dream. The woman I lost all those centuries ago when the Devil cast her out. She doesn’t know who I am, but that won’t stop me. 

I want my girl back and will stop at nothing to get her. Even if it means killing her.


Life has never been easy for me. Constantly bullied by my peers and labeled an outcast, my dreams are my only escape. They’re the place he is. Donovan, the beautiful man who comes to me in my sleep. Who holds me and loves me without question. Who seems so familiar to me for reasons I cannot fathom.

But he’s just a dream.

And I can’t sleep my life away.

When memories of a time long past begin to resurface, it takes everything I have not to do the unthinkable.

Because I love him. And I’m willing to do what it takes to get him back. Even fight the Devil.

Wicked Dreams is book one in The Dreamweaver Saga, a dark paranormal romance. Due to dark content, reader discretion advised.

Sweet Nightmares


Finding her again was a dream come true. The true nightmare came when I killed her.


After searching centuries for the woman I lost and was cursed by the Devil for loving, she was once again torn from my arms, her death on my hands. Now, I’m trapped in the mortal world with only one way out. 

With nothing but my gut feeling and her last words to go on, I embark on a journey to save the only woman I’ve ever loved.

I’m no fool. Everything has a price. 

And this could very well end in me being wiped out of existence. 

But for her, I’d do anything. Even go to war with the Devil.


When my memories of my life with Donovan came rushing back, other memories joined it. Pacts I’d made with others, not just the Devil.

I spent nearly two hundred years wandering purgatory until I found the creature who could help bring the Devil down.

And I’ll stop at nothing until I do. Even if it means hurting the demon I’ve fallen for. 

I’ve died for him once. 

I have no problem doing it again because I’m not just saving him. I’m saving everyone.

Sweet Nightmares is book two in The Dreamweaver Saga, a dark paranormal romance. Due to dark content, reader discretion advised.

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