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We didn’t have much, but we had each other.


I’d grown up dirt poor, watching my mom struggle to put food on the table.

When I was finally old enough to contribute, I worked my ass off for my family.

Mom. Tiana. Trent. Me.

We were so close to getting out.

Closer to maybe something better.

But then tragedy struck.

My family was shattered, and I was left to pick up what was left.

Vowing to find out who committed the murders, I made choices that would change my entire life.

That would bring me to my knees and divert my journey to something incredible.

If I could just let go of the past.

But I’m not a man who lets go of anything.

And the world is about to find out exactly what I mean when I say I’m in.


This is Anson’s story from Mayfair University. It’s a companion story to Black Falls High, Mayfair University, Kings of Bolten, and The Boys of Chapel Crest. There are crossover characters. There is blood and violence. There are tears. And there’s a lesson to be learned: Never judge Anson by your first meeting.


There are no refunds for digital files.

The Archangel

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