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Young. Fierce. Deadly.

He was born to be a lord in the Russian Bratva, destined to rise within their ranks.

We couldn’t allow that.

It was my job to secure him.

I thought it would be a fight.

Instead, I met a boy ready to fight to the death…against the lords. Now we had our implant and a way to take them down.

He would be a perfect storm as long as he didn’t slip away from us.


Into the Rain is the short story about Drake Petrov from Kings of Bolten. This is his origin story and is told from the POV of Liam Hastings from Barely Breathing.


This is a previously published SHORT STORY that was first featured in the special edition hardcover of Barely Breathing. It was also available as a download for a limited time via newsletter. 


Ensure you don't already have this story. There are no refunds. This is a digital file.



Into the Rain

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