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Before I found a love I was willing to die for, I had to survive one I had to kill for.

Chapel Crest wasn’t a place of solace. It was made for suffering.
I would know.
I’d been locked inside ever since my mother tossed me away like I didn't matter.
In my suffering though, I found her.
The girl who made me believe I mattered.
The girl I gave everything to.
The girl I loved.
The girl I would do anything for, even kill for.
Or just plain kill.
Because you don’t betray a watcher and live to tell about it.


This is the prequel to Chapel Crest and is best read AFTER book one. It tells the tale of Sin and Isabella through multiple POVs before Sirena. This is a dark tale of greed, deception, and all things that hurt. Please read the foreword.

Bells: The Boys of Chapel Crest, Signed Paperback

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