Known mostly for being strange, USA Today bestselling author K.G. Reuss knows what it takes to wear the crown of town weirdo . A cemetery creeper and ghost enthusiast, K.G. spends most of her time toeing the line between imagination and forced adulthood. 


After a stint in college in Iowa, K.G. moved back to her home in Michigan to work in emergency medicine. She’s currently raising three small ghouls and is married to a vampire overlord (not really but maybe he could be someday). 


K.G. is the author of The Everlasting Chronicles series, Emissary of the Devil series, The Chronicles of Winterset series, The Middle Road (with co-author CM Lally) Black Falls High series and Seven Minutes in Heaven with a ridiculous amount of other series set to be released. 


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It wasn't supposed to end in bloodshed.


When hunters-in-training lose focus and become a little careless, someone very precious to them pays the price. Their young friend catches the eye of vampire royalty, who was called in by the melody of her blood.


What does it mean for brothers, Matt and Ryder? And what about Ellie? Who’s song will end and who's is just beginning?


The Blood Legacy Saga is a paranormal saga that follows twin brothers in their quest to rid the world of vampires and other dark creatures. Meet them before they become hunters in episode one, Blood Song.


This is episode one in a short story series.

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Death Am I



Being Death isn't the hard. It's fighting Life that is.


A war between Life and Death is brewing, and the Prince of Death is at the helm.


Tired of being the Alter, the creature responsible for dying, Draven, the Prince of Death, decides war is the only way out of his millennia-old boredom.


The only problem is, he didn't expect to fall for the Princess of Life.


Caught in a tug-of-war between his dark needs and desires, Draven must choose between life and death. Literally.


War has its costs. For a creature formally without feeling, it may cost him everything.


Can Draven afford it?


This is a short excerpt from Death Am I. Reader discretion advised due to dark content.